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      1. Standing Up
        for Albertans.

        Jason Kenney and United Conservatives believe in the unlimited potential of Alberta. Stand with us and help make an Alberta that is strong and free today.

        Alberta is back!

        The experts and pundits wrote Alberta off. Together, we’re proving them wrong.

        Jobs are coming back. Investment is flooding in. And people are coming here from all over the world.
        Alberta is back! And in a big way.

        We will continue to do the work Albertans elected us to do, keep our promises, and make Alberta the best place in Canada to live, work, and raise a family.

        Support the Movement

        Our party is fueled by proud Albertans, determined to see our province become the very best it can be. Can you chip in now?

        Job Growth Keeps Rising

        June 10, 2022 — New job numbers released by Statistics Canada are adding more proof that our UCP plan to create jobs and diversify the


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